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Case Study

UK’s finest street and independent traders set for ambitious growth with

Company Overview

See a StreetDot on the ground and you’ll have located some of the finest street and independent traders in the UK. StreetDots partner with the UK’s largest and most innovative landowners to create ‘Smart Trading Spaces’​ across their estates. Each space can be booked, via the StreetDots app, by a registered street trader so that they can sell direct to the public, thus creating more opportunities for flourishing brands. StreetDots believe in encouraging enterprise from the ground up so they are creating the world’s smartest street trading platform to manage and develop this, all in one app.

The Challenge

As with most start up organisations, StreetDots wanted the reliability of a market leading CRM application to support business processes… but with the budget of… well, a start up! The importance of implementing a robust and scalable solution was for the inevitable appeal to potential investors. Particularly important as the organisation enters it’s next round of funding. There was also a distinct lack of productivity as data was stored in multiple, disparate and disconnected sources. In StreetDots world, this was even more of a challenge as their processes involve multiple stakeholders; land owners; traders; corporates etc.

Our Solutions

Specifically aimed at growing new businesses, Salesforce Essentials Edition was chosen as the preferred CRM supplier. Cloudtopia were selected as the partner of choice to help StreetDots, tailor, customise and train StreetDots users to their specific needs.

A quick start Salesforce implementation package incorporating; design, build and training was perfect to mobile StreetDots efficiently on the platform. Cloudtopia configured a junction object related to the Opportunity record to allow StreetDots users to link multiple stakeholders from different organisations. This helped provide a rounded and detailed view of stakeholder relationships. Salesforce inbox was also configured and users were trained on how to use the tool for productivity gains.

The Results

A scalable platform with the foundations to support the ambitious growth plans of the business. Viewed favourably by investors during current rounds of investment. Well adopted by users.


increase in sales rep productivity


Successful round of investment


Plans to scale the usage of Salesforce to accommodate more processes


Clear goal setting from the outset and exactly the platform we expected once handed back.

Darren Callcott


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